Lake Moultrie Water Temperature and Lake Level

Current Lake Moultrie Water Temperature and Lake Level from Lake Moultrie in South Carolina. Water temperature reading updated each hour. You have found the best source for current & accurate water temperatures for Lake Moultrie near Moncks Corner, South Carolina.

Lake Moultrie

Lake Moultrie

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Water Temperature

Lake Level

Lake level & temperature may be pulled from USGS, USACE and other public sources.

Water temperature and lake level (if available) updated each hour.
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7 Day & 30 Day Historic Lake Moultrie Water Temperature Trends

Below are two Lake Moultrie water temperature charts. One shows the 7 Day average water temperature, the other shows 30 Day average water temperatures. We consider these useful since they can show you the general water temp trend on Lake Moultrie.

About this Lake Moultrie Water Temperature

The Lake Moultrie water temperature shown on this page, and throughout this website, is updated from USGS sources. Our system will not display the water temperature if it is older than 24 hours. If the reading is older than 24 hours, the water temperature will show as EMPTY. However, we do check USGS sources each hour. If a reading is shown currently, it is likely from within the hour.

More About Lake Moultrie Water Temperature

The water temperature of Lake Moultrie influences fish behavior and recreational activity. All species of fish that live in Lake Moultrie are influence by water temperature throughout the year. It determines when they spawn, what food they are eating, at what depth they can be found, and their general level of activity. Most species in Lake Moultrie spawn when the water temperature is between 58 and 68 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lake Moultrie Water Temperature

Does Lake Moultrie freeze?

No. Lake Moultrie does not freeze. On rare occasions, the backs of shallow coves at the edge of the lake may get some very light ice. However, in general, it does not freeze.

How warm does the water temperature at Lake Moultrie get?

About 86°F. The warmest water temperatures on Lake Moultrie typically occur from July through August and top out at about 86° F.

How cold does the water temperature get at Lake Moultrie get?

About 48°F during January and February. These months are when the water temperature is coldest on Lake Murray.

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