Lake Texoma Water Temperature from Eisenhower Yacht Club

Current Lake Texoma Water Temperature from Eisenhower Yacht Club near the Texas & Oklahoma border. Water temperature reading updated every hour from 1′ below surface. You have found the best source for current & accurate water temperatures from Lake Texoma.

Eisenhower Yacht Club

Lake Texoma

Water Temperature

Lake Level

Lake level is pulled from USGS, USACE and other public sources.

Lake Texoma sits on the Texas-Oklahoma border and is in a temperate climate in the South-Central United States. The water temperature of Lake Texoma varies throughout the year, which directly affects both fishing success & pressure, as well as recreational boat traffic. Angler Spy provides current & historic water temperature data for Lake Texoma so you can know before you go!

Lake Texoma Facts
Size: 2,525,585 acre-ft
Surface Elevation: 615 to 619 ft
Nearby: Denison, Sherman, Gainsville, TX and Kingston, OK.
Species: Largemouth, spotted, white striped bass. White crappie. Channel, blue and flathead catfish. Considered to be one of the most successful striped bass fisheries in the United States and is one of only seven inland lakes where the species reproduces naturally in the wild. Source

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