Stockton Lake Water Temperature & Lake Level (Elevation)

Current Stockton Lake Water Temperature and Lake Level from Stockton State Park Marina in Missouri. Stockton Lake water temperature reading is updated every hour from 1′ below surface, lake elevation updated hourly from USACE. All data is updated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. You have found the best source for current & accurate water temperatures for Stockton Lake in Missouri.

Stockton Lake Water Temperature At-a-Glance

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Stockton State Park Marina

Stockton State Park Marina hosts this water temperature unit that records water temps for Stockton lake.

About These Stockton Lake Water Temps

The Stockton Lake water temperature shown on this page is measured onsite from Stockton State Park Marina using our equipment. This unit reports readings each hour, 24 hours a day, from 1′ below surface. There will be times when it will be offline, at which times it will display EMPTY or the water temperature will be blank. If a temperature is displaying but the date is not today, the temperature is from the date displayed. Please contact us should this be the case.

Water temperatures on Stockton Lake vary throughout the year. Check here often for realtime temps.

Stockton Lake Water Temperature Facts

How cold does the water at Stockton Lake get?
The coldest water temperature we’ve recorded with our equipment on Stockton Lake is 45.6 degrees F on April 4th, 2018. However, we believe the lake regularly gets colder than this, since we’ve had connectivity issues during cold winter months with this unit in particular.
How warm does the water temperature at Stockton Lake get?
The warmest water temperature we’ve recorded on Stockton Lake was 90.6 degrees F on July 6th, 2019. This was measured at 1′ below surface over roughly 15′ of water beneath a large shaded dock.
Does Stockton Lake freeze over?
No. Stockton Lake does not freeze over. It can get frozen in shallow depths at the ends of coves and near the shoreline, but does not freeze solid.

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