The primary data provided by this service are water temperature readings that are obtained, stored, and displayed exclusively by AnglerSpy.com. This website and all water temperature data are property of White River Sky Net, LLC.

By using this service in any manner, you agree to these Terms of Service.


While we make every effort to ensure we provide timely and accurate fishing conditions information, we make no guarantee of accuracy. Water temperature readings are taken remotely. Lake level information is pulled from relevant entities such as the U.S. Geological Survey, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and other third party agencies. Deployed equipment is subject to environmental conditions and may become unreachable at times. All data on this site should be used for recreational purposes only.

Definition of key words and phrases

  1. Water Temperature – refers to remote measurements of lake water temperatures.
  2. ‘current’ – when used to refer to water temperatures, means within the last 72 hours, though not guaranteed. We work to inform users when water temperatures may be out of date. However, if a particular unit is not reporting water temperatures from the lake on which it is deployed, it will display no water temperature. We will mark this unit as *Offline* until an active connection is obtained.
  3. Surface Temperature – describes the water temperature reading that is displayed. All probes are approximately 1′ below the current surface of the lake.

User Responsibilities & Proper Usage

By using this service, you agree to utilize any data used or obtained in a manner that is consitent with Federal, State, & Local laws. Data provided here is for recreational purposes only and is not intended for any other use.

Water temperature data provided on this service is intended to be used for personal, non-commercial use. While we work diligently to ensure the accuracy of all data on this service, we cannot make any guarantee regarding its accuracy.

Your Information

We maintain a Privacy Policy that describes data we collect, may collect, and how we use it.

Cost to Use

This service is currently free to use. Many aspects of the service will most likely always be free to use, however, we reserve the right the charge for access to any data we see fit, at anytime. Changes to the cost of this service will be made clear through website notification, email, and in these Terms.

Opt-Out Policy

When you are subscribed to our Updates email list, you can easily opt-out of those emails in the bottom of the email. If you are signed up for text-message-based alerts, you can opt-out easily through that system. If you would like to reach out to ensure we remove, to the best of our knowledge, any data we may have on you regarding the use of our service, please email us at hello@anglerspy.com and we will promptly engage you.


As of the most recent update to these terms, we utilize advertising as the sole means of revenue to ensure continued operation of this service. See our Privacy Policy for more information about how we may advertise to you.

Contacting Us

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These terms were updated on 4/13/2018