Current Lake Water Temperatures

Find current lake water temperatures for inland lakes & waterways in the United States. Most lakes are currently in the Missouri & Arkansas Ozarks.

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Accurate & Trusted
Unlike other lake water temperature services, most water temperatures published here are measured on-site using our equipment and are proprietary to AnglerSpy™. When something isn’t right, we’ll tell you. As the original source of real-time lake water temperatures & fishing conditions, we work hard to be the best source for current & accurate lake water temperatures for the United States.

All exclusive AnglerSpy™ lake water temperatures displayed are measured on location at 1′ below lake surface, unless otherwise noted. Third party sources generally measure similarly, but we cannot speak for the placement of third party sensors. We do not guarantee the accuracy of any water temperature or metric displayed on this website.

When we display a lake or ocean water temperature, lake level (elevation), current conditions image or video, or other piece of lake data on this website, we will display a timestamp of when that reading occurred for accuracy.

Lake Water Temperatures A to Z provides current & historic water temperatures for select inland fishing & recreational lakes, as well as the Gulf of Mexico. Below is a listing an alphabetical listing of available lakes. The link description states what data is available for that lake or for that site.

Past Historic Lake Water Temperatures

Find line graphs of the daily water temperature by month for our core lakes of Table Rock Lake & Lake of the Ozarks for as far back as 2018. Bull Shoals Lake graphs will be available soon.
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Articles & Insights

Various articles & insights about lake water temperatures based on observations and, on occasion, opinion about what the data may mean for fishing success. You can find information such as historic water temperatures by month, averages, daily water temperatures and more.
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Gulf of Mexico Water Temperatures

See Current  Gulf of Mexico water temperatures from each location below. These water temperatures are updated each hour from public sources, mainly the National Data Buoy Center (NDBC), which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a service of the U.S. government.

The Importance of Water Temperature

Some may want to swim or rent a boat, but most who use AnglerSpy understand that when it comes to understanding fish behavior, water temperature is everything. As the best source for truly real-time lake water temperature readings in the United States, we understand the importance of water temperature for serious fishermen. From spawn to fall feed to shad die off, water temperature is the most important factor in determining fishing success. We created AnglerSpy™ so you can Know Before You Go!

Water temperature plays a crucial role in the behavior of fish. Fish are cold-blooded creatures and their metabolism and behavior are directly affected by changes in water temperature.

The first factor to consider is the effects of temperature on metabolism. As water temperature increases, so does the metabolic rate of fish. This means that fish require more energy to maintain their body temperature and carry out daily activities. As a result, fish will become more active and swim more quickly when water temperature increases. Conversely, as water temperature decreases, fish will become sluggish and less active, conserving energy to maintain their body temperature.

The second factor to consider is the impact of temperature on the behavior of fish during spawning. Most fish species have specific water temperature ranges in which they will spawn. If the water temperature is too low or too high, spawning may not occur. This is because temperature affects the hormonal balance of fish, which plays a crucial role in regulating their reproductive behavior.

Understanding the effects of water temperature on fish behavior is important for managing and conserving fish populations, as well as for recreational fishing activities. Find exclusive water temperatures for the Ozarks right here on AnglerSpy.