Table Rock Lake Water Temperature & Lake Level | Indian Point Marina

Here you can see the current Table Rock Lake Water Temperature and Lake Level from Indian Point Marina in Missouri, as well as a comprehensive guide for all things Table Rock Lake Fishing. Water temperature reading updated each hour from 1′ below surface by AnglerSpy’s equipment. You have found the best source for current & accurate water temperatures and more for Table Rock Lake near Branson, Missouri. You can also check the water temperature from Cricket Creek Marina.

Current Table Rock Lake Water Temperature


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Thanks to Indian Point Marina for helping make this realtime water temperature possible.

7-Day & 30-Day Historic Table Rock Lake Water Temperature Trends

Our equipment records and reports the water temperature of Table Rock Lake every hour of every day (when it is working!). Below you can find graphs that show you the trends from the last 7 Days and the last 30 Days. Let us know if something doesn’t look right.

Past Historic Table Rock Lake Water Temperatures

We’ve made hand line graphs of the daily water temperature of Table Rock Lake, arranged by month, for as far back as 2018.
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Table Rock Tackle

Tackle designed locally in Shell Knob, MO by Ledgerock Lures, LLC and Table Rock Tackle Co. These lures are made from hand carved molds and tested in Table Rock (and other White River Lakes) and proven to catch fish before going to production. What works in Table Rock will typically work in Bull Shoals Lake, Beaver Lake, lower parts of Lake Taneycomo, and steams and tributaries in the region. You can shop all Table Rock Tackle over on TackleSpy to up your local lure game.

Current Weather Near Table Rock Lake

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Table Rock Lake Water Temperatures by Month

We broke down our water temperature data from Table Rock Lake from two years straight and created a post specifically for average monthly temperatures. Here is a graph of average Table Rock Lake water temperatures by month:

Graph showing average Table Rock Lake water temperatures by month from daily water temperature data for the entire month of 2019.

Table Rock Lake Fishing Reports

Pete Wenners Table Rock Weekly Fishing Reports – this is a Youtube channel. Pete usually posts up a new video each week. Highly informative information for Table Rock.

Table Rock Lake Fishing Forum – excellent resource for current fishing reports from Table Rock Lake.

Table Rock Lake Fishing Guides

Mike Boyles Professional Angler
Eric’s Elite Guide Service
Dan Boyer’s Guide Service

About Table Rock Lake Water Temperatures

Table Rock Lake’s water temperature varies throughout the year. Surface water temperatures can range from near or below freezing (in shallow coves) during winter to as high as 90° during the summer months. Angler Spy’s water temperature unit at Indian Point Marina has recorded a surface water temperature of 90.5° during August. Spawning temperatures usually occur in Spring, from mid April through May.

More About Table Rock Lake

Table Rock Lake is an impoundment of the White River created by Table Rock Dam near Branson, Missouri and Beaver Dam in northwest Arkansas. It is classified as a highland reservoir, with beautiful clear water surrounded by the rolling Ozark Mountains. Fish species in Table Rock include Kentucky Bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, goggle eye, bluegill, various catfish, walleye and more. Table Rock Lake has nearly 900 miles of shoreline and is a fishing & boating recreation in the Midwest. Table Rock Dam is part of what created Lake Taneycomo. Cold water from the depths of Table Rock feed Lake Taneycomo and keep water temperatures perfect for the trout fishery. See Lake Taneycomo water temperatures.

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Local Table Rock Tackle Shops

Table Rock Tackle is out of Shell Knob and stocks items made by Ledgerock Lures LCC, a local bait & lure manufacturer. Support them before you go to Big Bass Shops. You’ll support small business while using lures made & tested right here on Table Rock Lake.