Current Table Rock Lake Water Temperature from Indian Point Marina in Missouri

Indian Point Marina

Table Rock Lake


Water Temperature

Lake Level

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Marinas, guides, and other lake-related businesses can now display the current Table Rock Lake water temperature on their website.

About Water Temperature Data: the lake water temperature shown on this page is measured in near real-time. It is measured at 1′ below surface.


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Comment Guidelines: Please be specific and descriptive about water temperature and water clarity. How many feet could you see through the water? What water temperature did your unit read? 

7 thoughts on “Current Table Rock Lake Water Temperature from Indian Point Marina in Missouri”

  1. what happened to the readings from Alhonna at LOZ? Miss being able to get them as that is the resort we go to.

    1. Thanks, Jim. That’s 2/2 on requests for Lake of the Ozarks. Noted. We’ll get up there and get it working soon!

    1. Randy, we do not currently have one at King’s River. We may get one back out there but since we have Indian Point and Cricket Creek, we’re working on other lakes as opposed to more units just on Table Rock. We will let everyone know if we do. Thanks.

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